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20 Jan 2016

10 Facts about Australia

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Australia is famous for a number of things: Hollywood actors (Hugh Jackman and Nicole Kidman), tourist sites like the Sydney Opera House and the Great Barrier Reef, and many unique animals. But Australia has so much more to offer. Here are some fascinating facts about Australia.

1. Australia has more sheep than people

One of Australia’s leading industries is agriculture, with their produce is exported all over the world. A percentage of the population own farms and cattle stations, that there are more sheep than people. The world’s largest cattle station can be found in South Australia and it is larger than Belgium.

2. 91% of Australia is covered in vegetation

Many of Australia’s forests are uninhibited by humans. Desserts across the country are also not ideal places for human thriving; however, several plants are able to survive despite its harsh environment.

3. The Australian Lyre Bird can imitate everyday city sounds

The Australian Lyre Bird resides in cities filled with so much human made sounds that it started to imitate the sound of cellular phones, chainsaws, clicking camera and car alarms fooling humans to look around and look for where these sounds are coming from.

4. The male Platypus has enough venom in spurs on its hind legs to poison a small dog

It is in any male animals’ nature to develop protective defenses: in a platypus’ case, its poison on its hind legs.

5. Australia is home to six out of the ten deadliest snakes in the world

Many animals found in Australia are endemic and make the list of the worlds “most”. Often times, these endemic animals are found at the top of the list of deadliest animals. Out of ten of the deadliest animals, Australia has six! Be careful when approaching that snake you find in your backyard; even if it may look cute with its mouth closed.

6. The Sydney Funnel-web Spider is the world deadliest spider

Australian terrains are extremes: it could either be really hot or really cold. With such severe living situations, this could be one reason why animals found in Australia are really tough just like the Funnel-web Spider.

7. Nearly half of Australians were either born overseas or have atleast one parent who was born overseas

Australia boasts of itself as a hospitable country welcoming tourists and immigrants with open arms. With immigrants coming from over 200 countries around the world, it is not surprising that nearly half of the population have either been born abroad or has a parent who has been born abroad.

8. Australia Day

Australia Day is a celebration of diversity and ethnic tolerance. The festivity reminds all country men of the existing respect for all people regardless of ethnic background, racial origins and political and religious views.

9. The Australian Snowy Mountains receive more snowfall in a year than the Swiss Alps

With the country found low in the globe and coasts near the Equator and the South Pole, it received either extreme heat in the north or cold winds form the south. This makes the Australian Snowy Mountains receive more snowfall compared to the Swiss Alps.

10. Australians invented the “selfie”

Australians have a unique form of slang. It aims to shorten a phrase or a word to convey the message more conveniently. A “selfie” is a picture of “yourself” taken by you.

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