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iLearn Education Australia is one of Australia’s leading education agencies. Our company was established with the principle that Education is the key to make dreams a reality. With over 15 years experience in Education, we have helped a huge number of students from across the globe gain access to Australia’s leading education providers with globally renown qualifications. With a huge variety of courses available and flexible study options, we can accomplish our mission to provide an outstanding education experience for every person in Australia.

iLearn Education Australia offers everyone the chance to explore a wide variety of academic courses offered by our partner colleges and universities. How ever, to enjoy an academic experience in Australia, you must first get there. The initial steps entering Australia is by obtaining a visa which can be a rather difficult if you do not understand what is required by the Australian government.

Applying for an Australian Student Visa starts with deciding on what type of study you intend to apply yourself too. Student visas have sub classes depending on the type of main course students wish to acquire upon studying in Australia. Student visa holders have to follow a set of conditions and meet some requirements before beginning their application, but the good news is that it is now a much easier process with out help! We organise all visa arrangements, study options, and even help you feel settled in Australia – we will assist you not only to get to Australia, but enjoy your time here and to feel comfortable while having fun during your stay. The following information will help you get acquainted with a few aspects about Australia and what you can expect on your stay.

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Here are a few of the faces that are ready to assist you in making your journey to Australia a reality.

Graham Pasin

Managing Director

Tracy Pasin


Jackie Bennett

Assistant Director

Jojo Roda

International Enrolment Officer

Steve Trumble

International Enrolment Officer

Karen Lloyd

International Enrolment Officer