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20 Jan 2016

Getting Around Australia

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Australia is the only continent that is also a country. Consisted of one great land mass, traveling across the country is very convenient and stress-free. There are many forms of traveling a tourist can choose from be it in land, water or air. All major towns have reliable and affordable transportations networks. Organizations also allow travelers to help in maintaining the clean air of Australia by providing carbon calculators that help offset greenhouse gasses by financial contributions. Here is a list of the ways any traveler can enjoy all of Australia:


• Drive – A system of well-maintained roads run all across Australia with scenic road side views. Drive through relaxed coasts or warm dessert lands. There are car rentals at major airports, central city sites, suburbs and resorts. Australians drive along the left side of the road with the steering wheel on the right hand side of the car.
• Bus/ Coach – Buses and Coaches are more affordable alternatives to a traveler who prefers a laid back journey cross-country. It is very comfortable and economical, most buses and coaches have air conditioning, reading lights and adjustable seats when watching videos. Passes that fit every budget are always available, affordable and efficient.
• Train – Train travel is very convenient and affordable. Travelling options range from budget to luxury with interstate and intrastate rail service connections providing a one of a kind experience of Australia’s size and rich culture.
• Walks and Bike – What better way to fully enjoy the land than through walking and biking? It’s free, easy and self- paced. Australia offers many of the longest tracks and trails in the world that can be completed in several weeks. Bikes can be rented in the regular car rental service.
• Public Transports – All of Australia’s capital cities are served by many forms of public transports, common of which is a taxi cab. Cab companies can be rung up for the convenience of not having to stand and hail a cab.


• Ferries run nightly between major cities. There are two kinds of ferries: passenger and vehicle. During the summer, extra ferry services are offered during the peak seasons. Ferries connect suburbs to capital cities crisscrossing the Sydney Harbor, Swan River and Brisbane River.


• Flying- flying must be the most time saving form of transportation. Less time spent traveling means more time spent enjoying views, having sumptuous meals and immersing in the diverse culture of a country. There are many domestic airlines in Australia – Qantas, Jetstar, Virgin Australia, to name a few – that provide services to capital cities and regional cities. Fares are affordable and discounts and freebies can be availed during peak tourist seasons.

Be it in land, water or air, Australia offers you a variety of choices. It exemplifies the diverse nature of the Land Down under that the whole world loves. With the customers comfort in mind, you can never go wrong whatever means you choose to go, for in Australia; no matter how you travel, you are sure to always find home.

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