How It Works

1. Choose to study in Australia

World renowned courses and one of the most beautiful places in the world. Why would you study anywhere else?

2. Fill out an Assessment Form

This will allow us to get an understanding of your needs and what needs to be done to help you come and study in Australia.

3. Choose what & where you will study

This is why it is so important to go with iLearn Education to help you study in Australia. Our huge range of partner education providers allows us to put you in the course you want, where you want.

4. Enrol

One of the most extensive steps, your iLearn Enrolment Officer will help you prepare all documents needed to obtain your Letter of Offer.

5. Skype interview

This will be done between your chosen education provider and yourself – we will help you prepare for this step

6. Receive Letter of Offer

You will then receive your letter of offer from your education provider. Upon your acceptance & payment of your deposit you will receive your electronic Confirmation of Enrolment.

7. Receive eCoE

This will outline all futher information about your individual study program such as start dates & total duration of your study

8. Apply for your visa

You will then lodge your visa application form to the Department of Immigration and Border Protection along with a copy of your eCoE

9. Plan your arrival

We will now work closely with you to help you plan your arrangements to come Study, Work & Play Australia.

Jojo's Experience