Living in Australia

Living In Australia

The land down under is a country where anything is possible, any time of the year. Do you want to visit the beautiful white sands and crystal clear waters of Australia’s great beaches or maybe you’ve dreamed of snorkeling/diving at the Great Barrier Reef – one of the worlds 7 natural wonders. The north east coast of Australia has so much to offer! Heading south offers more adventures; the culture of Melbourne city, the Great Ocean Road or perhaps skiing in the Snowy Mountains. Why not enjoy an Australian Winter on the Gold Coast with beautiful sunny days and an average temperature of 17 °C or kick back relax and soak up the scenery as you enjoy a glass of some of the world’s best wine from the Barossa Valley in South Australia. There are so many places to visit!

Australia offers a very high standard of living and is relatively more affordable compared to other countries. International students choosing to study in Australia only need AUD $18,610 per year (Living Expenses) to live and be comfortable. With the prices of basic essentials ranging from AUD $2 to $10, the standard of living is very high, relative to the money you can earn while you study.