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20 Jan 2016

Places to Eat in Australia

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A foodie will never go hungry in Australia. A melting pot of all cultures, Australian cuisine is also a luscious combination of Oriental and Western tastes that compliment beautifully. This unique combination creates a unique and distinct taste that only Australian cuisines possess. Here is a list of the top 5 places to eat in Australia to indulge your senses.

1. Vue de Monde
Found in Melbourne, Vue de Monde is an elegant restaurant which boasts of its dining as an “experience” more than just a meal. Their French inspired dish aims to bring back it customers to the “golden age of the gold rush” through its ambiance and food reminiscent of Australias history. The team behind Vue de Monde is also proud of supporting local famers by using only the freshest produce found locally.

2. The Fish House
The Fish House is located lose to the Burleigh Headlands, overlooking the ocean. Offering a wide variety of fresh seafood delicacies caught straight from the ocean, the Fish House is appropriately named. The restaurants modest ambiance and simple food create and impression of hospitality and home to it customers. The owner, Simon Gloftis, takes the wellbeing and satisfaction of his customers seriously. He believes that by choosing to dine with the folks from the Fish House, the customers are entrusting their health and well-being to the staff.

3. Chianti
This Italian enthused fine dining establishment is proud of its “friendly classic Italian family warmth”. Awarded with the Ospitalita Italiana by the Italian Chamber of Commerce in Australia, the chefs in this establishment are committed to providing traditional Italian food with a modern Italian kitchen. With these tools, Chianti wants to give its customers a taste of authentic Italian dining by recreating an image of a “little Italy”.

4. Quay
Inspired by nature, the Quay wants to give its customers the best that nature can offer. With large windows making up one side of the restaurant, one can’t help but be one with nature. Cooking up foods that use aspects of food philosophy to embrace nature’s diversity, the Quay provides foods that are a rich combination of texture and flavor. Using hard to find ingredients, the folks at the Quay forge relationships with local farmers who agree to grow produce only for them. This assures that the food found in the Quay can only be found in the Quay. The Quays Executive Chef Gilmore says he wants to create “food that taste beautiful, that takes you on a journey of different sensations, that make you think of where it came from.”

5. Muse Restaurant.
Owned by husband and wife Troy and Megan Rhoades Brown, the Muse restaurant can be found in the Hungerfor Hill Winery in the Hunter Valley. With the owners’ belief in the expertise of creativity in the kitchen, the Muse restaurant offers innovative dished driven by contemporary Australian cuisine. Partnering up with the local farmers, the Muse boasts fresh produce as ingredients to create the best quality products to be served in their restaurant.

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