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20 Jan 2016

Things to Do in All Seasons in Australia

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A country of many seasons, Australia experiences summer, spring, autumn and winter. Unlike other countries where life takes a pause during a certain season, there are still many activities that can be done all year round in Australia. From snorkeling in the summer to skiing in the winter, Australia may be the land that never hibernates, so to speak. The following is a list of activities to try in any season when in Australia.

Summer in Australia is warm and humid. This does not stop the people to enjoy the sun and the warm waters. Summer is the time to wander and be lost in the beauty of Australia in nature and in culture.

Get Fit – What better way to spend the summer than to get fit? Get yourself into the latest fad and join set a health travel record. Many boot camp resorts can be found that help you get fit and relax at the right time.

Drive – Rent a car and drive across road side tourist sites. There are several road trip deals that offer packages complete with return airfares and nightly accommodations. Side activities are also available depending on the package.

Swim! – Australia is surrounded by waters filled with many aquatic animals to swim with. The most famous attraction maybe swimming with dolphins near Perth and Gold coast. Ocean parks open to the public can also be visited where they offer many water activities, shows and rides for people of all ages.

Snorkel – Like the road trip option, there are also tourists companies that offer snorkel packages including accommodations, hotel transfers and airfares for reasonable prices. Some packages offer reef tours, scenic railways and Skyway trips. The best deals could be found during the off- seasons where you can appreciate the view more.

Autumn in Australia begins on March. During the first Sunday of April, daylight saving time ends in Australia.

Autumn Racing Carnivals – The world’s richest race for two –year-old is known as the Golden Slipper held in Sydney

Ski Season – Available accommodations begin to dwindle during Autumn for skiing. Many ski resorts are already fully booked are flooding with tourists because of the ideal weather.


As expected, cold weather dominates the winter all over Australia. The temperature drop to as low as 6 degrees that most people prefer to stay indoors. Still, there is no shortage of activities during the winter.

Winter skiing – Winter skiing begins and ski goers trek snowy mountains all over the country to ski and snow board. And, yes, there are snowy mountains even in Tasmania.

Indoor Attractions ¬– Winter is the best time to enjoy the heater and the art offered by museums and galleries scattered in cities.

Spring weather is the transition of the country from the cold of winter to the heat of summer. It is ruled by fine weather but also brings cyclones, winds and rains. Because flowers start to bud during the spring, many flower festivals are held across the country.

Flower Festivals – From Perth to Canberra and Queensland, there are many flower festivals being held. During the first month of the Spring, the Wildflower Festival is held in Perth. The month long celebration of Foriade happens in Canberra in the middle of the season. Queensland’s Carnival of Flowers happens in Toowoomba. In cities in between, more flower festivals are still held.

Public Holidays – Public Holidays in Australia are not held in the same date. In Australian Capital Territory, South Australia and New South Wales, Labor Day is in October but in other states Labor Days is on any other season. The Queen’s Birthday Holiday is in Spring in Western Australia but in winter in other states. There are other Holidays celebrated in other different seasons that you may choose to travel from one place to the next, Holiday Chasing.

• Birth of the Beach Goers – Mid- and late- spring is the best time to go beach hopping for it is when the heat is mild and most of the snow has melted away. Winter activities can still be pursued during early spring. Visitor centers can be found along roads all across Australia for more information about available spring activities.

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