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20 Jan 2016

Tips for Finding Jobs in Australia

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Opportunities are everywhere! Often times, many have turned to other countries in search of greener pastures. Australia is one of the most popular countries currently accepting a number of foreign workers to be able to support its growing economy. With its well-balanced mix of beautiful landscapes, sprawling cities and agricultural riches, Australia offers breaks in any industry. But before packing your bags and booking a ticket to the land down under, here are some tips to finding a job first.

  1. Acquire a Visa

A Visa becomes your proof existence in Australia. The visa determines your rights (like the kinds of jobs you can take and the length of time you can stay in Australia). Employers will ask your position with regards to your immigration. Visas are also requirements for some jobs. You can begin by checking out the Australian Department of Immigration websites. This can help you sort through the different types of Visas available and the requirements for each kind. There are two of the most common kinds of available visa: temporary work visa (which allows a worker to stay up to four years to work for an approved business sponsor) and skilled independent visa (is for skilled workers who are not nominated by family or employer is in nominated by the state or government).

  1. Check your Qualifications

There are different standards set by different states. You must have your qualifications assessed by the appropriate Australian authority. Depending on your profession and your place of study, there may be a need to continue and pursue an additional number of academic years to be at par with your future local fellow aspirants.

  1. Search for Job Openings

Australia’s major industries are agriculture, mining, tourism and manufacturing. However, if your line of work doesn’t fall within these categories, do not be discouraged. You may have skills that are useful in another field. Be creative in looking for jobs. The perfect job may not always be there right away, so be practical: apply for jobs that give you the opportunity to earn and mingle with the locals. Building a new network of friends can most certainly help you in finding the path to your dream profession.

  1. Aussie certify your Resume

Australian resumes are simple. They are a people who look into content over visual appeal. But don’t allow your resume to look all topsy-turvy! Australian resumes still follow a certain format. Your resume should contain the following information in order: Contact details (center, up top), birth date and marital status, strengths (summarize your strengths pragmatically), professional history, description of employer, responsibilities, achievements, education and training, professional memberships and referees. You can add your hobbies and interests if you like. Make sure to write your qualifications in Australian equivalents to help your potential employer assess you qualifications easier.

  1. Be persistent

In every endeavor, persistence is the key. Being turned down happens to everyone: it’s like a process one must go through before finding the suitable job. Keep in mind that persistence is a sign of enthusiasm in Australia. When contacting an employer, be friendly and strive to build a professional relationship. This way, when you call in to ask why you have not received a response yet, you will find a friendly voice from the other line.


These tips are simply guidelines to help you have a head start. Have the courage to explore and have fun, because, you are in Australia after all.

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