20 Jan 2016

What Accommodation to Expect in Australia for Students

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You found a school and a part time job, booked a ticket and packed your bags! All you are waiting for is the flight to finally reach your land of dreams: Australia. But before day dreaming about living and studying in Australia, have you thought about where to stay when you get there?

Finding a place to stay, especially on a budget, is difficult in general. Depending on the state, city and type of accommodation you choose, a variety of prices are available. After choosing a state, city and type of accommodation, confirm the total cost. Ask for any additional fee that you may have to pay such as bond and utility fees. Consider how far away the place is from your campus and if it is accessible by public transportation. While on the way of checking the commute route and time from the place and your school, check the common amenities that are nearby. The following is an overview of the accommodations you can expect to choose from when studying in Australia.

Short term Accommodation

Short term accommodations are ideal during your first few days in Australia. They give you a chance to let the feeling of finally arriving sink in and to acclimatize to the new environment. Hostels offer more affordable food and lodging choices. Some hotels also offer discounted rates. Universities also offer temporary housing. There are a lot of options that you could check online. You can also ask for the assistance of the agency which helped you in making it in Australia.


Renting or “leasing” a property during your stay can be more convenient. You can lease with your friends or colleagues and share the renting to ease the expenses. You can rent with the help of a real estate agency or directly to the owner who is considered a private entity. There are fees you would have to pay upfront when renting: security deposit and an advance. The security deposit is usually worth four weeks rent and is held to use in case any form of damage is dealt by you, your house mates or your house guests. The advance serves as a “reserve” payment least you be unable to pay for a month. The advance and the deposit may be refunded if unused.

On Campus

Staying on campus can help reduce total living expenses. A student’s budgets greater percentage is allotted to food and transportation. Living within the campus premise will save both time and money. Many universities offer apartment style accommodation to their students that are within the campus or nearby. Cleaning and meals are also included in some universities. Education agencies offer assistance in putting together the most suitable accommodation for you.


Homestay accommodation gives the option of staying with a family. This option is best for younger students for they will have the comforts and convenience of staying with an established home. The service often comes with meals and cleaning services. Families who offer homestay accommodations are thoroughly screened to ensure that they are capable to provide a suitable living environment for the foreign students.

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