Working in Australia

Working In Australia

There are many work opportunities in Australia with lots of industries that offering part time and casual work for students. Working while studying helps offset expenses and adds valuable work experience. The Student Visa allows you to live a balanced life while being in Australia, allowing you to have enough time to Study, Work & Play comfortably.

There are several ways to find work that suits you. Many companies advertise their job openings in newspapers, student notice boards and a variety of online employment sites. Most of our partner colleges and universities have job assistance services that are established to help students find work. In addition, signing up at recruitment agencies is always a good option.

Great paying jobs are available in many fields across the country such as retail, hospitality, tourism, agriculture, sales and telemarketing, child care and tutoring. The minimum wage in Australia is AUD $17.29. Therefore, when working the 40 hour maximum per fortnight on a Student visa, one could expect to earn at least AUD $691.80 every 2 weeks.